Aug. 11, 2019

Beyond Westworld

Comments on Beyond Westworld?



Award-winning podcast duo Aaron Peterson & Troy Heinritz live without limits as they bring you into analysis mode on the very first podcast for HBO's Westworld. You may question the nature of your reality as the "hosts" dig deep into each character's journey through the maze to find the door. Break the code with a sectioned off part of the park for theories and deep dives into not just the show, but all the website, Instagram, and other ancillary items they can find. What are your drives? If you answered Westworld, then subscribe today!



The introduction and production were AMAZING. It sounded SUPER professional. Then you mentioned it had been a while. Then you got into a conversation about how many times you did or did not watch the show in preparation for the next season. We don't care. We don't care if you watched it 1, 5, or 10 times. What we want is your analysis. You did a GREAT job of teasing the content. I wanted to hear about Reddit, and easter eggs, and instead, we're talking about the type of TV you have. I was "this close" to pressing stop. Thankfully you got to the content. You seem to mention a lot that it had been a while. This podcast is for the fans of the show - they know it been a while. They are waiting right along with you. I was impressed that you had gone to such great lengths to find interesting content, but you were taking forever to get to it.  If you had cut out the "how the sausage was made" section the momentum, and flow of the podcast was awesome.

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