Dec. 6, 2018

Big DREAM School

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“Don’t Die With Your Dreams Inside of You” DJVBL~ Big DREAM School is the best inspirational podcast where you learn the Art, Science, and Soul of Rocking Your Dreams and how to effectively and playfully remodel your life after sh!t hits the fan. Get Outta Ya Funk Get Ya Groove Back Rock Your DREAMS! 50% Inspiration + 50% Instruction = 100% Love! “I believe we all have the power to remodel our lives at our fingertips!” - DJVBL I fuse the magic of music, art, science, soul, creativity, success, inspiration, dance, play, personal development, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, comedy, and healthy living to teach simple, FUN, empowering tools and motivation to practice exquisite self-care, stay connected with your true soul purpose, and how-to SNAP! Back and stay on track………... even when things fall apart. Each week offers a free themed 7-Day Rock Your Dreams Experiment where we commit to 1 simple choice to enhance our physical wellness, mental health, spiritual connection, relationships, and financial success. I share solo shows and deep dives and interviews with wonderful people from all walks of life who have SNAPPED! in one way or another and explore how they successfully remodeled their lives and found their way back one day at a time to their true soul purpose, even stronger and more lusciously fulfilled than ever! The Big DREAM School is our private Facebook Group where we celebrate progress and help each other be accountable for making PROGRESS with each week’s challenge. ~Buddy System~ ~Epic Theme Songs~ Because Music is the Medicine to Raise Your Vibe! ~Fun Fridge Dream Sheets to Track Your Awesome Progress ~ 11% of ALL proceeds from the entire Big DREAM School Project benefit organizations supporting mental health like JED Foundation and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation p.s.-Big DREAM School is the ONLY podcast in the entire world hosted by a Mermaid. Got a question or topic request? Go to



Your description is stuffed with tons of keywords and very little value. What is your show about, what can I expect, and what is in it for me. Apple doesn't like it when you market in your description.  Let your podcast ask for the sale (don't do it in your description - these people haven't clicked play yet, why are you asking for the sale?). I'm not sure people care about the charities (again, talk about that on your website or in the show).  You keep quoting yourself in your description. That may turn off people overseas (Americans are known for promoting themselves a ton). It does put off a certian vibe (I expected you to sell heavy in the episode - thankfully - at least at the beginning you didn't.

Your voice is unique. People are either going to love it or hate it. You're going to have to be OK with that. Your show pulled me in. I liked the way you brought me in. Everyone can identify with one of your questions. I was getting slightly impatient with OK, we all have issues, now what?

For a first episode, this was pretty good. I listened to four minutes and I was willing to listen to more.

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