March 31, 2021

Big Facts No Cap

Description: Big Facts, No Cap is an iPod broadcast in which two normal dudes with highly overlapping worldviews give advice to online strangers who will probably never hear it. Using questions from advice columns ranging in scope from dating to pet care to religion and everything in between, Paul and Adrian deliver the best suggestions they can muster off the top of their lovely yet largely vacant heads. The duo’s tough love and hot takes also extend to the advice giver as they critique the published response to each query from the column’s resident expert. Truly a show that no one asked for, Big Facts No Cap is an unapologetic vanity project from two (basically) adult men whose time would probably be better spent fixing their own problems. But hey, that sounds way less fun to listen to, doesn’t it?


Opinion: I liked your description and the sarcasm (but ipod?). The sound quality is good, but the intro is annoying and I really don't know what the show is about, or what the episode is going to be about. You follow this with a question about family member nicknames - which does not fit your description.

You two have the curse of knowledge. You know each other, your backgrounds, and consequently, you find things funny that someone who doesn't have the same level of insight won't.

My advice redo your intro and explain what the show is about and what question you will be tackling (people will get on a bus if they know where it's going), and then get to the meat of the show.

If you're doing this for fun, have fun. You could be a bit more organized at this point.

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