July 14, 2017

Bodybuilding Legends Show

From Their Website

This website is devoted to the Legends of Bodybuilding from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Featuring extensive interviews with the Bodybuilding Stars from the Golden Age of the sport, the Bodybuilding Legends Show reveals the history of the sport of Bodybuilding through the careers of it’s most legendary stars. Learn about the competitions, the emotions and the motivations of the best bodybuilders in the world. Each interview is full of video clips and photographs from the legendary competitions as well as colorful recollections of the Bodybuilding Era during it’s classic years. Enjoy the best years of Bodybuilding on the Bodybuilding Legends Show website!

My Opinion

There is no false advertising here (more on advertising in a sec), but you are told you will get Bodybuilders from the past and you do. You did a great job of explaining why your guest was on the show, and I was excited to hear from him and what he had to say.

Then you started to tell me what he was going to say. In theory, I'm waiting for him to say it. Your goal is to explain why he's here and why he is a great guest (and you did that). Due to another circumstance, you need to shorten up the intro to all the things that will get your audience excited (I don't think we care where he lived). 

Then there was a commercial. You hit the bullet points, and got in and got out. Then there was the second commercial. This one you use - great. Talk to me about it instead of reading bullet points. Then there was a THIRD commercial, and for me, that's too many.

The other elephant in the room is your audio quality is muffled and filled with room noise (I would guess a blue Yeti is involved). You can get a better microphone like the Audio Technica ATR2100 for less than $100 (See this Kit)

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