May 10, 2018

Brain Matter To Me

This is a completely different thing. Today's show doesn't have an official podcast, and it doesn't have a name (so it's a little off target for the Podcast Rodeo show). Here is the note I got from the podcaster on Fiverr.

I currently don't have a website - but I planned on transcribing the podcast and adding the content to my wordpress blog

I am doing this to develop my personal brand. I wish to speak on things regarding self-improvement, self-realization, positive mindset, problems we face but too timid to talk about publicly (dealing with self-esteem, doubt, depression, lack of motivation, procrastination, rebuilding relationships, and finding one's own identity etc). I want to inspire and motivate people who the society has deemed delinquent or incompetent to be the version of their best-selves while working on their passions or career goals. Enforcing them to not worry about the societal standards and ways to navigate the pressing demands of our new age.

I needed advice on how to start off, how to plan the topics i want to speak on. What to call the podcast etc. I am open to assertive suggestions that I can incorporate. Interviews with experts won't be a problem.


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Stay away from Soundcloud and instead use a trusted Podcast Media Host (I used them 10 years before becoming an employee) (use the coupon code sopfree) and instead of using the site (which can be limiting) order Wordpress hosting from a company like Cooler Websites, or Site Ground 

In listening to your audio, for a first attempt, it wasn't bad. There is room for improvement (you should get closer to the microphone and got a pop filter (see ). I DO NOT recommend using Soundcloud as a host (they are a music site and do podcasting very, very poorly) and instead of using (which is limited) you could order Wordpress hosting from a web host like and be able to do whatever you want to your site (building your website is also covered at the School of Podcasting)

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