Nov. 27, 2018

Caskets & Cocktails

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Join us for a hilarious dive into the world of Death Care. Mr. Danny, a cemetery industry veteran, and his daughter Katie will sip on a cocktail or two as they reminisce about all the crazy things that go on in a cemetery, like a biker gang sting op or a hot air ballon crash! Hit subscribe and listen to the tales and whiskey flow during this colorful memoir of an unusual industry. This podcast won't be a success without you! If you are a fan of true crime, paranormal, comedy, lifestyle or a combo of all then call or email us at with all your weird questions! Become a supporter of this podcast:



This could be a great show as I'm sure you have great stories that I can't get any place else. I LOVE that you are doing this with your Dad. Here are the issues:
  1. Your audio sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom. Get a microphone for each of your and boost your audio quality. See
  2. Get a domain like and get a website (even if it's your anchor site - which anchor has lost 14 million dollars, and I do not recommend them as a host - check out and use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)
  3. Get to the story. All the talk about reviews and such should be reserved for your super fans who stay to the end, so put that housekeeping stuff there.
  4. The clip that started off the show didn't make you appear very intelligent and it was long. (Dressing up at a cemetery).
  5. There is no way to sample your show at I find that annoying. I want to click play before subscribing.
  6. Apple doesn't like it when you put links outside of Apple (all your links in your description)

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