Nov. 24, 2020

Comments on Conversations with a Random Knowbody?

Comments on Conversations with a Random Knowbody?



Conversations with a Random Knowbody is the name of this one of a kind podcast. Check out host, Trisha, as she delves into meaningful conversations with a diverse and unique crowd. Conversations with a Random Knowbody...where the topics are random and conversations are real!



I liked your presentation style and delivery. For an anchor show, the audio wasn't that bad (you can't help your guest called from the bathroom). You stated that Troy the guest had to eat something for 75 days and then went into a NEVER ENDING conversation about Cinnabon. I thought maybe he ate Cinnabon for 75 days. You never really say what he did (or at least in the first 8 minutes). You had me and you lost me. We don't need all this backstory. The question about JB should've been edited out as it delivered no value to the audience.

Also never tell your audience to find you as search tools in Apple, Google, Spotify, and Amazon are pretty bad. Instead, send them to your website where it's easy to subscribe. I would also buy (see as not everyone will know you spelled it cute. You may have trouble building an audience with "Random" topics cause one episode may be up someone's alley and the next one be something they could care less about.

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