Sept. 12, 2018

Con Friends Podcast: Cosplay, Shenanigans and Debauchery

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Description Con Friends Podcast is designed to battle post con depression by talking about the good times at a Convention, the con prep, and activities we do in between cons. With special guest interviews shenanigans and debauchery.


Opinion In making the show notes for this show, your artwork doesn't meeting Apple specs for artwork. It needs to be at least 1400 X 1400 and the file size needs to be 500 kb or less. I kind of felt like I was jumping into a middle of a conversation. You did a good job of explaining what the show is, but then you followed the intro with music for the sake of nothing. Why not put that opening explanation over the music?

You then forgot to introduce your friends, and when you asked Stacy what he thought of whatever the con was, I couldn't understand what you said. This is the curse of knowledge. You know your friends know the following:

The page (where?) The con (what con) Who is the con for, what is it about?

So be sure to remember the first time listeners. Also, you might want to get a domain at or build your own website at to have a website to point people to (or just point the domain at your Libsyn page ).

It's nice you have some friends who share the same passion, the audio had some hiss, but was not a complete train wreck. You can learn multiple ways of improving by taking the courses at

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