Aug. 6, 2019

Converge Stories Podcast

Comments on Converge Stories Podcast?



Welcome to Converge where we know that you have a calling; following the crowd is not enough, and You really have everything you need to make a difference in your world. Hear testimonies of students who interned with those missional organizations. And find out how you can make a difference in your world



The intro "tease" clip was WAY too long. Then the intro of the show wasn't bad, but then you went and on and on and on about Converge. We don't know what converge is, and we got the gist its a mission for Christ. You didn't introduce your guest at all, and then let him somewhat tell his story, very slowly, about how he got into missions. I would take the story you got from the interview and condense it and use it in your introduction of your guest, and if the goal if this podcast is to entice people to join, we got to get to the "adventure" part of these stories. We have to spotlight the stories of changing people's lives, of the amazing things you see, of the amazing places you see. Not how a man walked to his mailbox to get a postcard.

The volume levels are all over the place. The host is MUCH louder than the guest. The music at times came in a bit hot. This is easily solved by adjusting the volumes before exporting the mp3, or by running your file through a system such as As I was listening to it started to rain very hard hear and while I had no issues hearing the host, I had to truly focus to hear and understand the guest.

The audio quality of the host was fine - the volume just didn't match the other elements in the episode. I'm sure you have great content, but you need to think about the goal of the podcast and how the stories of the guest align with the goal of the podcast. Lastly, you have a weird capital "Y" in the middle of your description.

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