Dec. 28, 2021

Don't Fear the Feedback

Today I break the format and give a little behind the scenes of the Podcast Rodeo Show. Here is what we cover:

The origins of the show

Who is Dave Jackson?

  • He's been helping people understand technology for decades
  • 2018 Inductee into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame
  • Tech Support Rep at
  • Author of the Book Profit From Your Podcast.

What If Your Podcast Was A Restaurant?

  • Don't you need feedback on your food before you start marketing your business?
  • Your Mom Lied (also Mom may not listen to podcasts)
  • I've been thanked for saying "constructive feedback."
  • Please talk about my show like I'm not in the room
  • We ALL Need Feedback

The Podcast Rodeo Show Formula

  • Introduce your show
  • Introduce the episode
  • Introduce whoever gets to speak

Things We See That We Should Avoid

  • Reading a Guests Bio
  • "Tell me a little bit about yourself"
  • Multiple people sharing one microphone
  • Bad Audio Quality in General

There Are More People Than Dave Listening

  • Just because Dave isn't your target audience doesn't mean his audience agrees

Three Feedback Offerings

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