Dec. 8, 2020

The Good Grief Conversation

Comments on The Good Grief Conversation?



This is a show that takes taboo conversations that nobody talks about, but they should as we all can relate.



The music intro was too long, but once you came on you had a great conversation and great production. The transition music was again, rather long. When the actual show the great audio that was in the intro took a small step backward. If I had to guess this is audio from a Zoom meeting and you're using a Blue Yeti microphone. There is a bit of "room noise" and the audio just isn't as crips. However, someone who is not a podcaster wouldn't even notice. At first, I thought you started the story too far back and we were going to have to sift through a ton of backstory (as we're here to talk grief, so we know it hurts to lose a child) le's focus on the healing. The guest did a good job of getting to the cause of death. Your second "question" was "wow that was rough.." or something along those lines. This set the guest on more of her story. You did a good job of staying out of her way, but an actual question for your second response may have lead to a less rambling answer.  With that said, when I pressed stop on the story I wanted to hear more. I thought the vulnerability of sharing how you had lost a son (not every listener has read your website). You may want to add that to the intro, "and I know something about grief as I lost a son..." it shows you're not talking about grief,  you're living through it, processing it first hand.  Your audio format is 192 kbps stereo (which is actually HIGHER than normal, so you might look at your recording technique. All in all a good show.

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