Oct. 23, 2018

Ghouls Gone Wild

Comments on Ghouls Gone Wild?



Ghouls Gone Wild is a podcast about ghosts, ghouls, and spooky happenings. Join Christina and Jess twice a month as they visit haunted locations around the world, discuss first and second-hand experiences of the supernatural, tell each other ghost stories, and more. New episodes are released on the 1st and 15th of each month!




I liked the vibe of this show with the funny artwork. The intro music at the beginning is a little long (put some voice over on it). The audio was clear. I loved that you mentioned you had audio from the Bolton house (you can't get that any place else). I thought the part where you had a brain fart explaining you were experts could've been edited down to make you sound a whole lot smarter. You also both sound alike. When mixing down the episode if possible pan one person slightly right and the other left, and occasionally use each other's names (What did you think about that Jess?). All in all, I liked the opening and wanted to hear more about the Bolton House.

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