Feb. 26, 2019

Grow Your Guru

Comments on Grow Your Guru Audio?



Transform Your Life! Life circumstances – and the stories we tell ourselves – often cause us to forget the truth of who we really are. We then show up in our lives with self-limiting and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. This show will provide strategies, inspiration, motivation, tools, interviews, and Growth Gifts to enhance and transform every area of your life. Together we can change your story, unleash your soul, teach you how to create a connection in your relationships, and produce empowering and positive choices that are in alignment with the life you deserve and desire. Let’s get Growing! It is never too late to heal and step into your true potential.




The first voice over person had a serious plosive problem with popping P's, H's and more. The very beginning sounds like you might have cut off a word. When you went to introduce your guest, I wish you had just explained why you were excited to have them on, you said you were, and then you can hear you grab their resume and start reading. This makes your voice harder to listen to. In general, and this is 100% subjective, there was just something about your voice I didn't like (it seemed a bit harsh, maybe tweak the high end, and boost the low end).

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