Jan. 28, 2018

Growing Healthy Podcast

Dr. Kang and Dr. Power discuss health-related topics from pregnancy, through pediatrics and parenting, and into old age. A variety of topics for people to better understand their health.




The intro music was a bit loud, but the audio quality was OK. You are right on the verge of needing a pop filter so if you don't have one go get one. The podcast starts off explaining what the show is about, and gets right to the point. You made the medical disclaimer quick and simple and got to the content. Overall a good first impression. On a side note,


Your artwork does not meet Apple specifications:

1400x1400px (minimum) 3000x3000px (maximum) Under 500kb Use rGB color space Be a JPG, JPEG, or a PNG file

Your artwork is 1447 x 1747. I would resize it to fit the above specs, and upload it under settings > edit show settings in your Libsyn dashboard.

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