March 6, 2019

Hope, Help, and Healing

Comments on Hope, Help, and Healing?



Psychologist and coach Dr. Sislena Grocer Ledbetter (DrSis) explores a variety of topics dealing with health, wealth, and relationships with insight, candor, and a little Black Girl Magic.




For a third episode, this is not bad. You have a "Popping P" problem that can be fixed by pointing the microphone at the corner of your mouth instead of talking directly into it, or by getting a pop filter (or both) see the gear guide at I would rearrange your topics and get to the interview and put the report on the meetup toward the end for the super fans. The interview audio quality was much worse than the intro. There was a lot of room noise. When you do interview every person involved with the interview should have a microphone (not one microphone in the middle of the table).  You might extend the beginning of your intro music, do the tease over that music and then BOOM right into the intro. Now you are doing the tease over one music bed, and then you have music and then the intro. Another alternative is to have no music as you start the show with the introduction of the topic and fade intro music in as you finish the topic introduction. This way when you get done with the tease, the voice over person welcomes you to the show. These are just little changes thataffectt flow, not that yours was horrible, but these little tweaks keep the show moving.

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