Jan. 7, 2022

Jesus Smart


The description of Jesus Smart podcast is "The show that goes beyond waiting for heaven. Beyond religion. Jesus is brilliant ... he knows how life works best."

My First Impression

I liked the audio and the flow of this show. It keeps moving and feels well organized. I liked that you were telling stories. I might've moved point 1 in between your story 1 and story 2 to kind of get going on that list a little sooner, but again, the show kept moving.

Because the show was moving at a decent pace, I would keep listening to hear the other points

Some minor things to consider

For me (A Christian) when someone uses LOTS of Jesus Jargon I worry that non-believers may get turned off as they may not quite understand what "Kingdom Training" is and feel left out.

There was some minor plosive on words like "Apprentice."

The link in your media host points to https://jesussmart.podbean.com. I would buy a domain at Coolerwebsites.com and point it at that (or just update your information in your media host if you have a website already. If not check out www.trypodpage.com

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