June 17, 2019

KDOI | Art Talk and Projects

Comments on KDOI | Art Talk and Projects?



Welcome to KDOI Podcasting where we create more than we consume. Interviewing artists on what drives them, projects that are inexpensive and quick to accomplish and conversations about art is what you will find here. Let us know the story behind your creations.




I liked the sound quality and passion. The show started off with a quota about Jazz. You explained where this podcast is conversations but not for the next three episodes. Then you mentioned marketing. There was a fair amount of "We talked about this," and "In the future, we're going to" to the point that I had lost focus of what this episode was about (Poetry). The history part of your episode didn't really have much of a story to suck me in. I did LOVE the passion in your voice when you said: "Poetry was MINE." I'm just not sure I needed to know who played the tube. There were no hurdles, or "Wait till you hear this?" in that story.  You don't explain what KDOI stands for at the beginning, and letter your throw out the "Kimo’s Den Of Iniquity" and I didn't connect that to KDOI. It sounds like I tuned into a BDSM podcast. My overall emotion upon listening to this was confusion. Possibly a better tease up front (instead of your favorite Jazz song) would've been "Today I'm going to tell you about setting up your poetry toolbaox" (which you never mentioned - yet it's the title of the episode).

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