Jan. 30, 2018

Membership Site and Online Course Marketing: How to Make, Market & Monetize Online Digital Content - Subscribe Me at SubscribeMe.fm


SubscribeMe.fm is THE podcast that teaches you all about creating a highly profitable, long-term business with online courses & membership sites with recurring subscriptions. In this podcast, and I don't mean just this episode, but the entire series, I'm going to be talking about how you can build a successful business by creating subscription-based products and services that bring in recurring income month after month... where you don't have to go hunting for new customers all the time, where you can focus on creating a remarkable product - like Seth Godin would say - A product that your customers love, where they keep paying you to keep delivering your product or service, and where you get to actually focus on your remarkable product - and improving it and adding to it over time, and you get to focus on, quote-unquote "Enchanting" your customers, like Guy Kawasaki would say. The main focus of this podcast will be how to make, market and monetize your online digital content. But here's a list of other topics that we will get into in this podcast series. * The Subscription Model, how you can add one to your existing business, and how you can improve your existing subscription-based offers. * How to create the "Perfect" Product * Various tools and services that you will need when creating an online course * Explore various Self-Hosted and Fully-Hosted Solutions * Third-party Marketplaces where you can host your online course * How to create content For Your Membership Site: Both creating your own, buying content vs getting others to create your content for you. * What is the Commitment Ascension Model (CAM) * What are the various Membership Models & Content Strategies * Pricing Strategies * Payment Processing options * How to do Marketing for Your Membership Site and get new members * How to start your own affiliate program and get others to market your course for you * How to use other platforms like Podcasting, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing to build an audience and then sell them stuff * How to get members to stay - thus increasing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) * To Drip or Not To Drip * Are forums worth it? Where and how to create a forum? Should you do it on facebook? Or on your own site? Or use a third-party service and embed the forum on your site? * One-time Product Launches vs. Evergreen Products * Membership Site Design * Membership Site Launch * Selling Your Membership Site




Your name is getting cut off in iTunes, and unless you're paying me $5 I would never read your description in iTunes. Also, realize there is no formatting in iTunes/Apple Podcasts and it is one giant chunk of text.

I liked the show, high energy, and you get right to the point. You did a quick and painless commercial for coolcast player. I was worried at first that you were reading your show, then when you get into the "why" you should look at your goals I could hear the personality and opinion come out. I loved that you used examples that we all can relate to and it made it funny and identifiable. As this is a show about memberships, I was surprised you didn't mention your work at Digital Access Pass (as that adds credibility to you). I am definitely adding your show to my "Marketing" playlist in overcast.

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