Sept. 5, 2017

MMA Fancast

iTunes Description: Hear the MMA topics that you want to listen to - on a show by the fans and for the fans.'s crew pumps out their weekly podcast, MMA Fancast, that focuses on the fans point of view. Hear good, clean discussion on all of the relevant MMA topics of the day, including big fight analysis, personal experiences with the fighters and intriguing discussions relating to the fight business. Tune in each and every week to hear the analysis from the crew at Octagon24/7



I love the obvious name of the show (no guessing what it's about). I loved the energy of the intro. I would cut out the musical interludes and go from voice to voice to voice. Your co-host was way far away from the microphone and if you have people grabbing their volume know, the next knob they grab is the unsubscribe.

The fact that you started recording without knowing your equipment is unprofessional. If you want to clue the live audience in that there may be some bumps in the road, but you have a HUGE opportunity to cut that out in post for the audio. Nobody cares how the sausage was made, they only care what it tastes like.

The introduction of your co-hosts was drawn out. I am also tempted to be funny and witty. The audience just wants you to talk about the fight. Get to the fight, get to the good stuff, then be funny later in the show where the fans will stick around.

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