Oct. 1, 2021

Modern Persian Food

The podcast rodeo features honest first impressions. Today we are looking at Modern Persian Food


The intro still sounds like you're reading it to me.

There is a fair amount of mic handling noise.

While not super distracting, if a window is open, close it as the sound of cars is bleeding through.

You have great chemistry, and once you get talking (and not reading, it's much more natural).

You seem to be doing some great investigation, but you should do this BEFORE you press record. This way there is no, "Do you have an ice cream maker?" No. Find out who can talk about what, and organize your content a little better.

Also, what do you want your audience to do with this content? If the goal is for them to make the recipe - GET TO THE RECIPE, and then give them the history and all the other tips you had. You had talked about ice cream and then went to ice cream sandwiches, and then went back to another style of ice cream. You could've kept the ice cream talk together, the recipe, and then what you can do with the ice cream.

You have a great name and niche, just do a little more planning and the show will flow a bit better. Also, if anyone is using Blue Yeti, be sure to understand how to use it properly (or you can end up recording a bunch of background noise).

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