March 14, 2023

My Aloof Vagina


Unprepared for perimenopause? (Same!) Felt misunderstood or alone during it all? (Yup.) Feel too young for this? (Me, too!) So I'm on a quest with my friends (and my aloof vagina) to understand what other "surprises" to expect AND to get a handle on all this midlife stuff, from sex & relationships to the weird stuff happening to our bodies. (The stuff nobody wants to talk about.) Warning: Like to laugh and sometimes pee your pants when you do? This podcast was designed to serve you. Grab leakage protection & join us for some fun.


What I Liked About This Episode

I loved the description and the humor. I love that you are talking about things that nobody has the courage to talk about.

I thought you did well introducing the show and the episode.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

While the host sounded great, the guest sounded noticeably "boomy," like they were in a glass bowl or bathroom. Not a ton, but enough for me to notice (and that may be me listening through the ears of a podcaster). Acon digital has a plugin to reduce that.

I would also get something like Podpage and get your own website going so you can build up your SEO and quit sending traffic to buzzsprout (and keep it for yourself).

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