Aug. 2, 2019

Nobody Asked

Comments on Nobody Asked?



Every Wednesday, join Kyler Johnson, a gay college student from the midwest as he discusses things going on in the world around us, interviews unique guests, and shares stories from his crazy life. Nobody Asked for all of this, but Kyler is going to share stuff anyway.



I loved the first minute of this show. The intro, the music, you have great confidence on the microphone. There was only one thing missing and that was a story. Because you were hangry you:

put back your shirt

were annoyed by some loud people in a restaurant.

I'm not sure that was enough to keep me going. I was thinking, "Oh boy what is going to happen when he's hangry???? The answer was nothing much. There is a great article about shaping a story at

For me to care about what happens, I would need to know you and I don't and your story isn't intriguing enough for me to stick around. In the end, you want to make people

  • laugh
  • cry
  • think
  • groan
  • educate
  • entertain
If you're not doing any of these, you're boring your audience.

Lastly, for a better first impression, visit and buy a domain and point it at your simplecast site.

Audience Feedback

Moxie from Your Brain on Facts (Hear me review her show on episode 285) thought the Portmanteu show needed a better intro to help people like me understand what the show was about (episode 298)

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