Nov. 1, 2018

Nosey AF

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Artist and Filmmaker Stephanie Graham digs deep with people who are nothing like her.

Each week the Nosey AF podcast gets all up in the business of movers, shakers and subculture makers. Stephanie explores how the hell they got into the worlds they've found themselves a part of.

At the end of each Nosey AF episode, you will either have random info to share and impress your friends with or have a new idea for a project of your own.

The world is yours.



Your description of "interviewing people who are not like you" only works for people who know who you are. Your guest introduction took a tangent into the party you met her at (and we don't need those details). You say she makes opportunities out of nothing. How about an example to pull me in? You seemed to be very focused on her Tesla, is that the core reason you brought her on? I would really give me a detailed blurb to get me excited about your guest.

I thought the audio quality was good, and I liked your style (not scripted just talking to the audience and your guest).

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For me when she talks about her 50% check strategy, instead of doing kind of a "me too" response, why not ask her how she was able to save 50% (as most people can't)

Listener Feedback

Clay groves from the Fish Nerds Podcast can't believe I didn't' like the Sh*tting with the door open podcast on episode 199. He Loved it!

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