Oct. 19, 2017

One Two Review

iTunes Description: Luke, Alex, and Brandon review movies, products and provide light discussion and an enjoyable atmosphere.


Episode: https://onetworeview.fireside.fm/episode13


This show starts off in the right direction explaining what the show is and where it's going, but wait - IT'S HOT ON THE WEST COAST!!!!

Luke explains that he needs to take his shirt off, it's really hot. He starts dropping f-bombs (cause you know it's hot). They then figure out if its time to start the intro.

When you get all the hosts involved it sounds like you might be aggressively removing noise (kind of has that underwater sound to it). Instead of talking about the movie, we're going to stay on the topic that everyone tuned in to hear - a weather report.

Then you talk about how you were missing for three weeks. None of this brings value to your audience.

I would've started off the show talking about the movie who was in it, have everyone introduce themselves (I'm Luke, I'm Brandon, I'm Alex) and Get to the movie.

If you want to do a "What's happening with the hosts segment - do it at the end of the show where true fans are - not at the beginning where you have less than 30 seconds to grab people and suck them in.


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