Oct. 11, 2018

Pair of Normals

Comments on Pair of Normals?



A pair of paranormal enthusiasts, Samantha and Jeff, recount their personal stories of searching for evidence of ghosts, dissect listener's ghost encounters and talk about all things paranormal.




I like the introduction. It was cute and had character. However, the minute you cam on, your audio quality was awful. You sound like you're in the bathroom. Without knowing who you recorded it, I would guess you are using one microphone in the middle of the table between you and your co-host. That is fine for a hobby podcast, but if you really want people to listen to this quality will not do. It distracts the audience from what you're saying because they are distracted by how it sounds. My guess is you are using a Blue Yeti. I have a video that shows you how to use this microphone. I would recommend getting a microphone like at ATR2100 and a portable recorder, or a USB interface that allows you to plug in multiple microphones. These will fix this issue, and it's only a one time fee. Check out My Gear page

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