Nov. 13, 2018

Pee on the Pods

Comments on Pee on the Pods?



Welcome to Pee On The Pods! The podcast that solves all the world's podcasting problems and shortcomings. All that and they didn't even have to ask for it!



I'm not sure you really told me what the show was about. You had the girl with the phone say she needed help. The volume is ALL OVER THE PLACE. When Tarzan actually spoke he blew out my ears. When you mixed in the motorcycle sound, I could no longer hear what was being said. I'm glad you are OK after your accident, but that story would be better used at the end of the show instead of starting off the show with an apology. I waited as long as I could, but I was a good three and a half minutes in and I still didn't know what the episode was about, and you had not got to the meat of the show. This was not a great first impression.

I would get close to the microphone, get a mixer, and turn off the fan in the background. Make sure your recording levels are somewhere between -6 and -12. I wanted to hear what you said about my show, but you never got to it. I would also go to and get a domain and point it at your podbean site. I also believe there are ways to have podbean automatically put an Apple button on your site (instead of the links)

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