Sept. 27, 2018

Pit Lane Paley

Comments on Pit Lane Parle?



Welcome to Pit Lane Parley! Your #1 stop for interviews with fan favorite IndyCar drivers, personnel, IndyCar news, discussions, and debate. We bring the best racing content to you each week! Join the debate on our social media, @pitlaneparley, where we continue the discussion! Fan questions each week are always welcome! Thank you for subscribing and we look forward to bringing you more and more IndyCar content!



The intro could be shortened up (LORA of vroom vroom). I like that you streaked through introducing your co-hosts and went straight to the guest, but I would've at least let them say their names or "hi." Then you went right to your guest and just said tonight we have (name of guest). You might want to give more credentials as to why you asked him on the show. Let your audience know why they should care he is on the show. This you can't control, but his audio was distracting to me, and I found myself more focused on how he sounded then what he was saying.

You and your c0hosts sounded great (which only makes your guests sound worse). I'm very happy that you didn't start off the show with an apology for the audio quality (as that is a horrible first impression). I would just redo the intro, tidy up your transition to the guest, and keep on going. You obviously love the sport and have a passion.

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