June 11, 2020

Powering Unique You

Comments on Powering Unique You?



If you are inquisitive and looking to strategize your career, advance your personal and professional development, and strengthen your empowerment, tune in! Personal empowerment gives you the sense that you are in control of your life and career. It enables you to make positive decisions and to take action that will bring you closer to achieving your goals and ambitions. Join our encouraging conversations on how to accelerate your career, expand your unique potential, and become a better leader.




The audio on this show starts off good and goes downhill pretty quickly. The music is too loud when the host starts talking, and the host is repeating exactly what the voice-over person just said. That's is an easy fix, just fade the music out when you start talking. Also, you and your guests all sounded like either you were way too far away from the microphone, or you were using a Blue Yeti improperly. The audio has reverb in it. The problem is there is so much reverb/room noise it's distracting from what is being said. Make sure you know how to use your equipment, and do some work with your guest to make sure they are using the best microphone they have. I realize we have almost no control over your guests, but you do have control over your audio. Make sure you as the host sounds good. People will tolerate a guest sounding bad, but when everyone involved sounds bad, people will tune out.

Your introduction of your guests was "tell us about yourself." This is awkward. You know your audience. You know your guests. Tell the guests what the topic is for the episode any why these people are qualified to talk about it, and then get to the topic (building professional relationships). We don't really care about the "Story" of the guests until they gives us something valuable. What is the question that only these guests could answer? Get to the topic that is going to really connect with your audience and will help them be better leaders. We don't need so much back story.

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