Aug. 30, 2018

Quarterlife Compass




This podcast series talks about what you’re never truly prepared for: how to maneuver a quarterlife crisis. Follow Kelsey as she documents her quarterlife crisis experience in real-time and join her on the journey to find her purpose and ultimately become unstuck. Whether you're going through a quarterlife crisis currently, or you've been through one in the past, this documentary-style podcast fuels the conversation of what it feels like to be lost, how you can gain clarity to move forward and ultimately realize that you're not on this road alone




For a first recording, this was really good. I liked the production. For me the story didn't move fast enough to suck me in. There are tools you can use from the book Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio

“I'm doing a story about X, and what is interesting about it is Y. They say it's important to do this out loud to a real person.

Then to shape your story you use this tool, Somebody does something because of _(their motivation) but __(a challenge). If you can't answer the but, then ask yourself, “What do I have?”

They have another exercise where their focus setting may be something like. “This happened _, then this _, then this _, and you would #$%&! believe it but _. And the reason that is interesting to every single person walking on the face of the earth is ___.

For there wasn't any, "but this happened." When I pressed pause I heard the story of a sweet girl living in Austin with a job ( I expected to hear you were unemployed). It also sounded like you had added some reverb to your voice (I don't advise that ). All in all, for a first episode, this could have been a whole lot worse. On the flip side if this is just an audio diary, then screw everything and just record it and put it out.  I did see where you have a link for sponsors. Only about 10% of podcasters get enough download for "major" sponsors (FYI - see

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