March 2, 2023

Radio Free ProWrestling Reviewed


Join the wrestling conversation with Radio Free Pro Wrestling, your go-to source for all things in the ring. Tune in for expert analysis and interviews with talent from around the world. Don’t miss a beat subscribe to Radio Free Pro wrestling today.


What I Liked About This Episode

The commentary on the wrestling was great with showing pros and cons. This isn't just a fanboy show. The audio that was good, was good, and the audio that was bad was distractingly bad (but easy to fix).

I like that you were editing the show. It shows you care (more about that in a second).

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

The introduction of the co-hosts had a long tangent. All we need to do is connect the name with a voice. Then put any "what's up with you" at the show's end. People tuned in to talk about wrestling, not baseball.

The sign of a good edit is you can't tell it is edited. This was not the case. Your edits were obvious and made me scratch my head (as, in one case, you could've started later and skipped the whole stammering part).

The person from the UK is way too far away from the microphone and probably using a Blue Yeti microphone (See video on how to use it properly).

Also, see Currently this is free. It cleans up "boomy" audio.

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