Aug. 12, 2020


Comments on Rifted?



Fantasy adventure podcast heavily focused on LGBTQ+ art by



You need to work on your description. It does not make me want to listen. Who is this for? What can I expect? The music at the beginning needs to go or put some voice over it explaining what the show is about. I felt like I was walking into the middle of a slow-moving conversation. Why not do a recap of the last episode to bring me up to speed. If I need to listen from episode 1, you should let me know. I felt the story moved painfully slow, and I had no idea what anyone was talking about. The narrator let me know someone was in a prison, but other than that I was lost. Don't assume everyone has listened to the previous episodes, and if they need to, be sure to let the audience know. Also, make sure you have plenty of story. The story should be able to stand on its own without the sound effects. The sound effects should enhance the story. The sound effects should not be the story. It was well-produced, but I was confused storywise.

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