May 15, 2018

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values


The Saving Elephants Podcast features engaging conversations about conservative values with a mercifully modern twist. Tired of political shock-talk and rank punditry on your radio and TV? Curious about what conservative thinkers of yesteryear had to say but don't have time to read some terribly long, boring book they wrote? Want to learn why conservatism still holds value for Millennials today? Join us as we re-ignite conservatism for Millennials!



I thought the intro music at the beginning was a bit quiet and went on a bit too long. Then when the voice overcame on the music was too loud (and took forever to fade out). The recap seemed to go on for a long time. I would prefer a quick one sentence "On episode 1 we talked about and how it __. Quick one-liners to peak my curiosity and get me to listen. This would also be a great time to remind people to subscribe to the show and never miss an episode. For me, its one thing to spout an opinion, but I can't decide if I agree with you or not unless you give me what the basis of your opinion is. I need (as do adults) "the why."

You mentioned three people who were coming on, but didn't really give me anything with pizazz to have me think, "I can't wait to hear this." Was there something they overcame? I know you said they helped define conservativism, but that isn't sexy.

The delivery wasn't read but wasn't high energy. You seemed a bit far from the microphone. This didn't produce bad audio. but you can improve it easily by getting closer to the microphone and getting a pop filter. Point the microphone at the corner of your mouth.

While your program is educational, if you can find something to bring in an element of entertainment, or emotions, it won't be so dry.

Lastly, as this was only episode three, you're doing better than anyone who hasn't even pressed record yet. You're doing a political show, so bring some extra skin as 50% of the population hates you without ever hearing a word.

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