July 6, 2017

Seeking Balance A Personal Journey

On her website it states, "By sharing my stories about taking control of my inner balance, I hope to inspire and entertain the listener (not intended as advise). " You can find the show at www.vtblance.com

I love that you get right to the point. You sounded like you were talking to me (until you started reading to me...). You can hear me asking questions, and you answered them every time.

You have an audio problem called "A ground loop" (it creates a high pitch whine). It may be my podcaster ears, but once I heard it I could not "unhear " it. 

You sound like you have a good story, but I would see if there is something more specific you can get to really grab people coming out of the gate emotionally and then reveal the details of that instance. 


You're using squarespace as a media host, be sure to check that they are going to be set when Apple unveils iOs 11 which has additional fields (one of which is episode numbers which you can quit putting in your title, or at least move them to the end). My preferred media host is Libsyn.com (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)

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