July 8, 2020

Servant of Pod with Nick Quah

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In the world of podcasts, anyone can tell their story. From major media institutions to mom and pop shops starting from scratch. Let Nick Quah guide you through this ever-changing world, as he speaks with the producers, hosts, and executives that are shaping the culture of podcasting.




If this wasn't a Hank Green interview, I'm not sure I would give it the thumbs-up. This is a case where I'm assuming Hank Green is going to bring great content because everything that guy does turns to gold. The intro music at the beginning, get it out of here as it serves no purpose. Then you did an introduction of Hank. Then you did the two promos.

I really expected the interview to start there and you came back and gave us the backstory of Hank. All of this is super well produced. I was kind of like, let's get to the interview. Enough with the soft jazz. Let's listen to what Hank had to say.

Also is this whole thing going to be soundscape with music and, you know, 15 seconds of nothing?. I did want to hear the rest of this. Realize that Nick is a writer. So he is somewhat out of his element here, not so much telling stories, but he's probably not used to being behind the mic.  And I see where he did an episode on Stitcher being sold and making music for podcast. Some of these episodes are explicit.

I will go ahead and start the clock now to see how long it takes before Nick is opening up some sort of educational wing to teach people how to podcast so that's my thoughts on Servant of Pod with Nic quad if you would like your show, right here on the podcast rodeo show super simple. Go over to podcast rodeo show calm want a full review, podcast review show don't have a podcast School of podcasting calm. Thanks so much for tuning in until we meet again, this is Dave Jackson from the School of podcasting comm reminding you to always enjoy your ride

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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