May 26, 2020

Simple Blasphemy

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What is Simple Blasphemy? Having the best time with some of the worst topics.

Weekly round table discussion hosted by Zak, Zack and Andy with occasional special guests. Witty and jaw dropping topics you never thought talk-able, lovingly yanked from their cage and taught to fly under suspicious circumstances.



Number one, the people that support you on Patreon are called patrons. They're not called Patreons.

I'm going to give you a bonus tip in Apple podcasts your website is linked to your spreaker website.

Everything we just heard is a great conversation to have before you press record. Get it ready and then go live.  I heard one of the hosts interviewed on another show and they said you like to set a limiter to minus two and then turn the gain up. Picture the limiter as a brick wall.  The more you crank that gain, it's like how hard are you going to hit the brick wall? Eventually that will just destroy whatever hits the brick wall because you send it at the brick wall 100 miles an hour.

The best thing you can do is to record at a decent level.

The beginning doesn't have to be a big production thing. You can just say, This show is brought to you by our patrons." Then get rid of

The female host is way too far away from the microphone. It's literally just mic technique. Point your microphone at the corner of your mouth, get about three fingers away and stay there.

At the intro of the show instead of the guy who we can't hear,  why not explain what the show is about?

There are book editors. There are many magazine editors. There are television editors. There are movie editors. There are newspaper editors. You get the idea. Why you feel you are everything out of your mouth is gold is a bit confusing. 95% of the beginning of your show needs to go on the editing floor. It was a good conversation to have before you pressed broadcast. If you're going live you should have a clear idea of what you're going to talk about. You don't want to "wing it" in front of people. The more planning, the less editing. The less planning, then more editing.

You mention your patrons. If you want people to give you money, you need to deliver value. You need to honor their time.

If the goal of the show is to have fun with your friends, then you're successful. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy those relationships. Just realize that not every conversation needs to be syndicated to all ends of the earth.

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