April 26, 2023

Sound Judgment Reviewed


What does it take to become a beloved podcast host? Sound Judgment goes behind the scenes with today's great hosts to learn how they make their audio storytelling magic. Featuring magnetic hosts like Snap Judgment's Glynn Washington, Last Day's Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Anne Bogel of What Should I Read Next, Sound Judgment uncovers the universal skills of hosts listeners love. We'll explore their creative choices by pulling apart one episode at a time, together. Host Elaine Appleton Grant is a lifelong journalist and veteran of public radio. Join us every other week. Subscribe to Sound Judgment, the newsletter: https://podcastallies.com/subscribe-to-sound-judgment-the-newsletter

Website: https://sound-judgment.simplecast.com/

What I Liked About This Episode

Good production, and you let me know what the show and the episode were about. I felt confident I was going to have a takeaway by the end of the episode.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

You and your guest sounded very similar to me. I would've panned your slightly left and the guest's slightly right to help people ID who is saying what.

Your website address in the podcast app shows your simplcast episode. You have a website, so go into simplecast and update your show's information to point at the correct website.

I thought it odd that your first question seemed like a quiz for your guest. Why not just quote the person you wanted to remember and ask the question? Also, did we need the history of the pirate studio?

Your description needs work. You assume your audience (and I may not be in that group) knows your references. We help (your audience) do (what they do) so they can (benefit). The phrase that caught my eye was storytelling. Also no app will make a link in your description clickable. I haven't heard a word from you; why are you pitching me? Put the link in the episode description.

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