May 7, 2019

Sports Medicine Broadcast

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Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Instructor Jeremy Jackson and his Sports Medicine students engage various Sports Medicine professionals to promote and improve the profession of Athletic Training



I liked the idea of this episode, and you started off the show with a quick introduction. The audio sounded good. The thing that (once it caught my ear) I couldn't unhear was the amount of "umming" (Your guest especially). When you introduced the show you reminded me of me if I try to do something off the top of my head and I have no notes. Yes, I am getting the information out, but I don't sound confident, or maybe a little disorganized. You might want to introduce yourself so we know a little bit about who is talking. "Welcome to the Sports Medicine Broadcast  I'm Jeremy Jackson and I'm the student Athletic Trainer for a local high school. This is where we Promote and Improve Athletic Training. Today we are going to talk about Ramadan and things you should know when dealing with Athletic Health. I've got my friend John from Detroit which has a very heavy concentration of Muslims to help us understand What Ramadan is, and what we need to do as athletic professionals.

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