Nov. 13, 2017

Strange Money

Description: Strange Money is the brainchild of a country boy from Idaho and a trailer park kid from Washington state that happened to move next door to each other in Utah.

Though they learned many important lessons growing up, money and creating wealth were not part of the curriculum. Professionally, they took different paths – Will as an attorney and Nick in the financial services industry – but each came to the same critical conclusions about creating safe, sustainable, and lasting wealth. They found that a tremendous amount of financial misinformation exists and that wealth is not created in the ways most Americans think it is.

Our mission is simple: we empower you to think differently about your finances and how you can more effectively save, invest, and prepare for a secure retirement; we encourage you to push back against conventional wisdom where it falls short; and we embolden you to take action even though others may view it as “strange.”



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