May 20, 2022



The SUPERSONIC universe of superheroes is a free, weekly podcast series featuring ongoing series, limited series, and one-shot stories! Like the monthly comics of the big publishers, each series releases a new episode every month! Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each series tells its own story but ties into a larger universe! Featuring the powerhouse SUMO GIRL, the secret super team CODENAME: SUPERFORCE, the mystery of THE RANDOMS and their superpowers, the man who gives you powers when he gives you THE MARK, and more!


What I Liked About This Episode

The sounds design was amazing, and even better was the correct volume. So many podcasters fall in love with their sound design that you can't hear the vocals. This was one of the better Audio Dramas I've heard on this show.

I liked that the description let me know I was going to get an assortment of episodes, and the episode let me know what was on my plate.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

So you're saying there was blood? I'm not sure we needed all the details of the truck. For me, all audio dramas move a bit too slow for me, and the woman nagging as the intro didn't really grab me. However, about the time I would've tuned out you discovered blood, and more blood. I liked that you showed the nag has a heart of gold.

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