Jan. 5, 2018

The Dorking Out Show

Description The show for anyone who loves to dork out about the stories in pop culture that we love. That means TV and movies, books and podcasts, and any other kind of engaging storytelling we can find. We talk about Star Wars and Gilmore Girls, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Trek, Netflix and Amazon, Serial and S-Town and, and, and...

Every week noted TV critic and blogger Sonia Mansfield and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Christopher Allan Smith talk about movies, TV, books and more from both a fan and creator perspective.

Think of it as a great conversation over drinks with your quick, clever friends who know about a lot.

Website: http://dorkingoutshow.libsyn.com/podcast

Opinion: This show had a TON of double introductions, and it starts with an apology. I hate that. If you don't tell me you cut out of the coughs, I never knew they were there in the first place. The show was about the top stories of 2017, but four minutes in you still hadn't got to a top story.

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