Aug. 18, 2020

The Gaming Outsider

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The Gaming Outsider Podcast is a show dedicated to video gaming of all kinds with a focus on the community. Here at The GO, we don't subscribe to just one platform, and we realize that we don't have the ability to play every game that's out there. Our goal is to discuss ours and our listener's perspectives on current and former games that we have played while keeping a positive environment.



I loved that you had a Patron open the show with a great table of contents. That was a great start. Then we had a boatload of music for the sake of nothing. Then you did a nice intro of the show. So you had two great intros. One for the episode, and the other for the show. Just lose the 30 seconds of music. Then you did a good job of introducing people and keeping moving (no weird tangents or people trying way to hard to be funny), then you wanted to do some shout outs to people. The bottom line is people just need to hear their name ( I know because I still get giddy when someone says "Dave Jackson" on a show). You went into a fair amount of detail and then took a turn into how to make toast, jam, etc. Had you just got into the gaming talk this (minus the extended dance version of your music) would've been great. But you not only went into "Toast Talk" but you went deep and started talking lemon juice, etc. I don't remember seeing that as one of the things the show was about.

So, tidy up your intro and shorten the music, and get to the game talk quicker (and put the toast talk at the end for the super fans).


Special thanks to Tory Heinritz of the Blacklist Exposed for gifting this review.

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