July 3, 2017

The Masquerade

According to their website, the show is, "A Podcast about starting a Podcast Network... with $85 and a Mask" We listened to an episode called the Call to Action.

My Opinion

The audio quality was good, and I loved the opening lines and explained the story I would be listening to. 

The name "I am Bumble" leads me to think of Bees or the monster on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Neither of these thoughts leads me to lean toward integrity. If you don't want to you use your real name, go with something like "Doug, or "Steve" instead of Bumble. There may be more to the story that was revealed in episodes 1-6, but at episode 7 I was thinking, "Really?"

I understand you have a very tight budget, but your media host provides a very basic website, you could use that until your real website is ready. http://masquerade.libsyn.com. Be sure to go to settings > Edit Show Settings and update the info (and upgrade to the new podcast page, it's much better looking)

The show started off great then spent a fair amount convincing me sidekicks or partners are good. I personally agree with this statement and was ready for the next topic. The next topic was how Bumble was a dreamer, and how running a business takes hard work. (again, is someone arguing these points?)

The music (for me) seemed distracting. It seemed like it was more cinematic, or dramatic. The delivery was slow and sounded (very much) like he was reading (not a deal breaker, but a little more inflection might help, and for me, I need a quicker pace). 

So after five minutes, I heard sidekicks are good, and Bumble is a dreamer and starting a business is hard. I wanted to hear the story of starting a network with $85, and at the pace we were at, I didn't want to see if we ever were going to get there.

In the end, I must not be the target audience for this show, as it didn't resonate with me. 

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