June 8, 2017

The Nature's Premiere Podcast

This week Brooke got to chat with Laura Sackler Tancredi, an inspiration in the world of natural parenting.  In 2000 Laura founded Global Children: a non -profit organization that, by providing educational opportunities, implementing health initiatives and training in the arts, aims to improve the well-being and quality of life for children and young adults living in orphanages and under-served communities in Cambodia.  Then in 2006, Laura opened Sprout Natural Parenting; a retail storefront and source of invaluable resources and services for those on the journey of natural parenting.  Discover what motivated Laura to open Sprout, what you can expect on a visit there, plans she has for future endeavors, and much more!

Check out the show at http://naturespremiere.libsyn.com

Good Points

I liked the intro. It had some good energy.

Easy Fixes

The microphone sounds like you're too far away (my guess is you're using a Blue Yeti - hear how to use one on the Best Podcasting Gear Show). I would've used the "why did you get started" answers in the intro, and get to the meat and potatoes quicker. 

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