Dec. 23, 2018

The Organic Gardener Podcast

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The Organic Gardener Podcast will inspire, teach, and promote earth-friendly techniques by interviewing organic gardeners who share their journeys, tips, and tricks to simplify the process of growing your own delicious healthy food. Whether you want to have a small bed in your backyard or a full grown farming operation, our guests will help you reach your gardening goals and offer you resources and solutions to everyday gardening challenges, and inspiration to dig down in the dirt and get growing!



The intro has some pretty harsh starts and stops, and at the end of the advertisement, you didn't tell me where to get whatever the product was you were selling. Your audio is not great as you have some plosives (typically due to poor microphone placement - try saying happy peanut butter cakes and if that doesn't cause any plosives you should be good to go). I thought your first question was too open-ended and it allowed the guest to go into all sorts of tangents. Likewise your second question (when did you first garden) was a better question, but I think the show could benefit from editing out anything that doesn't pertain to your show topic (politics and a geography lesson doesn't help me grow a better garden)

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