March 19, 2019

The Podworms Spacecast

Comments on The Podworms Spacecast?



We're seven lifelong friends who bring life-altering comedy directly into your ear canals every Tuesday



I liked that you got through the introductions and the audio sounds good. The introduction lets me know what to expect and you did a nice job giving a "Table of contents" and let me know what was coming. So far so good. Then instead of getting to the planned content, you decide to talk about the water cooler story. Along the way, the storyteller gets interrupted nonstop for somewhat obvious jokes. While I could identify with the story (we've all been there) but nothing really "Holy cow" happened with this story. I'm not sure I would've made this the lead story.

I liked that it's obvious you guys put some thought into the episode, and into the audio quality, for me, it derailed with the episode. It wasn't horrible, but as a comedy show, I expected a laugh and it didn't make me laugh. It did make me smile.

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