March 18, 2018

The Randall Black Show


Randall Black is an educator and technology specialist from West Virginia. His time in the classroom, as a social studies teacher and a technology trainer, and as an educational technology support team member has molded his views on education. He uses this podcast as a creative outlet for him to share his own views and ideas on topics of his interest as well as educational topics and successes among other members of his PLN (professional learning network)



This show starts off great. You let me know what the show is about, what the episodes is about. the jingle is short and to the point (again letting me know what the show is about), but the audio quality takes a dive (the start was awesome). It sounds like you applied too much noise reduction on the guest to (for me) make for concentrate on what he was saying. I'm not sure if this is me listening through "podcaster ears" (we are a bit pickier than the typical listener) but for me, it was distracting.

Everything else was fine, you got right to the interview and got the interview right into a good spot of talking teaching strategies, but for me the audio was distracting. I realize its tough when you have no control over the guest and what microphone they use etc. This is where a too like Ringr comes into play

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