July 28, 2022

The Realm Kast


Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast The Realm Kast is a Mortal Kombat Online's official podcast where FANTiM and Yani bring in well-known and/or significant members of the Mortal Kombat community to discuss a variety of MK specific topics such as but not exclusive to the lore, tournaments, and the overall direction of the series

Website: www.realmkast.com

What I Liked About This Episode

The host sounded great. Some decent production at the opening. You got right to the guest and showed you had done your homework.

Some "outside the box" thinking using your discord server as your website. I'm not sure if that is good or bad, but I like the creativity.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

The co-host sounds like he is a mile away in a cave. Check out the Samson Q2U microphone.

You forgot to introduce the show (you did a great job of introducing the episode, but didn't introduce the show).

The Goal Of This Show

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