Aug. 4, 2020

The Retrozest Podcast

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This is podcast wherein we have a ZEST for all things RETRO! Join your host Curtis Lanclos as he picks a subject about anything RETRO-related (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Toys, Pop Culture, etc.) and provides commentary which is interesting and entertaining. Enjoy the nostalgia!



The show starts off well (although there is some low-end hum/noise at the beginning but I'm being picky). You had a little "Music for the sake of nothing..." and then get into a very well researched, and well-produced history of AC/DC. That is great except for one thing. The title isn't "The history of AC/DC" it is supposed the be the history/behind the scenes of Back in Black. If you think about the audience, they are either younger people doing research or (probably more likely) older people reliving their youth.

For me, an avid AC/DC fan, I was bored with the history as I already knew it. I was four minutes in and instead of finding out cool facts about Back in Black I'm learning about the housing of Bon Scott. Do I need to know where Bon grew up to appreciate Back in Black (I don't think so)? The album sold 50 million copies, I think we can jump right to "The band had hit new heights with Highway to Hell and then the singer choked on vomit. They weren't sure what to do. Would they accept a new singer? And then get to the "behind the scenes" of Back in Black.

So it may be that I'm not the target audience (as I know too much about AC/DC) and someone who has a more general "radio only" knowledge of AC/DC might've been more sucked in with the history lesson.

Mentioned in this episode Secrets of Dynamic Communications: Prepare with Focus, Deliver with Clarity, Speak with Power by Ken Davis, and Storyworthy ( a MUST READ for all storytellers) by Matthew Dicks.

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