Nov. 18, 2018

The Ron and Brian Podcast

Comments on The Ron and Brian Podcast?



An irreverent discussion on current topics



There is no announcing what the show is about, only that its the live coverage of election night. Ron's microphone is distorted and Brian seems a little confused on what um, to um, say. The jokes for me didn't land, and that combined with a lot of extra music at the beginning just had me feeling like you two would be winging it trying to be "outrageous" as "outrageous = funny." You made comments on what you were wearing. This is an AUDIO podcast. There is no way to subscribe to your show (Apple, Android) on your "website." The F bomb at the beginning could use a disclaimer. Go to and get a domain name and point it at your Podbean site to give yourself a little more professional look. This needs work.

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