March 9, 2021

The Sporting GOAT

Description: In the Sporting G.O.A.T podcast we will be breaking down the greatest athletes of all time, their career, achievements, greatest moments, rivalries and legacy. Making an argument for them as their Sports G.O.A.T. Jordan v Lebron, Messi v Ronaldo, Federer, Nadal or Djokovic, Pele v Maradona, Woods v Nicklaus, Muhammad Ali v Everyone. "I think the Greeks created sport as antiode to philosophy" - Jack Nickholsan



For me, the introduction of clip after clip went on way too Long. I get the premise of the show, and about four minutes in you finally get to the "I'm going to judge this on five criteria. That should've been in the first 30 seconds to hook me in and let me decide if I want to stick around.

I would buy a domain at and point it at your website. It just gives a better impression. You've obviously put some time and effort into your podcast and thinking this through, don't get cheap on the domain name (they are $15-20 a year).

For me, I like watching sports, but not enough to argue over which millionaire is the best of all time. So I'm not your target audience, but I would still cut out some of the intro, turn the music down a bit and get to the content.

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